@Russ_Steinberg wrote about the opportunities that Dayton provides for HBCUs
“For many HBCUs, the problem comes down to a lack of resources. Prairie View A&M athletic director Fred Washington explained that his school is defined as a Limited Resource Institution (LRI), which means it ranks in the bottom 15 percent in Division I athletics spending.

He says that one area where his duties differ significantly from ADs at other universities is the lack of depth to his staff. For example, while some schools have academic advisors or tutors dedicated specifically to one team or sport, advisors at Prairie View are spread thin, meaning they cannot offer the same type of specialized academic help that others can, even at the mid-major level. Naturally, this also means less money to spend on facilities and athletics staff, putting LRIs at a competitive disadvantage. And yet, Washington points out that fans still expect the same level of on-court success that other universities can achieve.”

I’m passionate and dedicated being more than a basketball coach! I will always keep learning to grow as an Academic Advisor/Coach. It gives me the opportunity for the student-athletes I serve the same resources as a High Major PWI in the area of academics. Yes, this will require more work on my behalf! However, I believe any organization I’m a part of will be better than Kentucky(s) & Duke(s) because no one will outwork our staff! What will separate our staff from any other organization? We will be the hardest working coaching staff On and Off the Court. As a result, it will be contagious for our student-athletes to develop the same mentality.